Reviewed: 02/27/2022

Baldelita, MB (hereinafter - the Company) values ​​and protects the privacy of its customers, therefore in this Cookie Policy (hereinafter - the Policy) we clearly and unambiguously present the principles of information collection and use applied on the Company's website (hereinafter - the Website), as well as other information about the Company's regulations and principles in ensuring the protection of personal data.

We apply this Policy in cases when you visit the Company's Website, and we receive data related to you with the help of cookies. This Policy does not apply when you browse other companies' websites or use third-party services.

When processing personal data, we comply with the European Union Data Protection Regulation no. 2016/679, the requirements of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, other related legal acts and the instructions of the controlling authorities.


A cookie is a small text file that a website saves to the browser of your computer or mobile device when you visit the Website. The next time you visit the Website, this file can be scanned so that the Website can recognize your computer or mobile device.


In order to ensure transparency and responsible processing of personal data, we inform you that the Company processes personal data collected with the help of cookies for the following purposes:

In order to ensure efficient and safe operation of the Website. We use cookies to ensure security functions and prevent malicious activity.

To better understand your needs, to improve and improve our products, features and services, including when you access our Site through other websites, applications or devices.

For your identification in the Company's information systems and on the website, with the aim of identifying returning visitors to the Website. Cookies help select content tailored to you and personalize your experience. Cookies also help to avoid continuous and repetitive registration or information filling when you visit our Website repeatedly.

To analyze your habits so that the operation of the Website is even more convenient, efficient and more in line with your needs and expectations.

To evaluate the information and data flows sent to our Website. We use cookies to collect statistical data about the number of users of the Website and their use of the Website.

For targeting and advertising. By using cookies, we can collect information so that only selected content for different target groups is displayed on the website. We use cookies to show you relevant advertising both on and off our site.

Cookies are also used to register whether you agree to the use of cookies on the Company's website and not to be asked this question every time you visit our Website.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may link data obtained through cookies with other information obtained about you from other lawful sources (i.e., information about your use of the Services, our loyalty programs, etc.).

The information collected by cookies allows us to ensure your ability to browse more comfortably, provide you with attractive offers and learn more about the behavior of the users of the Website, analyze trends and improve the website, customer service and the services provided by the Company.


Each time you visit our Website, long-term (permanent) cookies may be created, which remain in your browser and which we will see when you return to the Website. They will not be deleted when you have finished browsing our Site. Short-term (session) cookies are also created, which expire or are deleted after you have finished browsing our website (i.e. they are usually only valid during a real-time visit to our website or during a single browsing session).

Cookies used on the company's website:

Necessary cookies: We strive to offer our visitors an advanced, easy-to-use website that automatically adapts to their needs and preferences. To achieve this, we use necessary or other so-called technical cookies, which help to show you our website and ensure its functionality. These essential cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our website.

Functional cookies: We use functional cookies to remember your preferences and help you use our Website and/or apps effectively and efficiently. For example, with the help of these cookies, our website remembers your chosen language or searches. These functional cookies are not necessary for the website to function, but they add functionality and improve your experience of using the Company's Website.

Analytical cookies: We use these cookies to gain knowledge about how our visitors use the Company Website. In this way, we can optimize and improve our website, understand the effectiveness of advertising and communications, and ensure that we are still interesting and relevant. We can collect data about the web pages you have viewed, which pages you came from, which e-mails the emails you opened and responded to and information about the date and time. This also means that we may use information about you and how you use this Site, such as the frequency of your visit, the number of clicks on a particular page, etc. As part of our advertising campaigns, we may use analytical cookies to learn how users navigate our website after being shown an online advertisement. This may also include advertisements on third party websites.

Marketing cookies: We use these cookies to show you personalized advertising on our websites and on other websites. This is called "re-marketing", which is based on browsing actions, such as the services you search for or view.

We use Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Google"). The information collected by Google Analytics is transmitted to Google and stored there. Google may transfer the information collected by Google Analytics to third parties only in accordance with legal requirements, or when these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with Google's privacy and cookie policies separately and regularly.

The company's website uses third-party cookies:

Third-party advertising cookies - some advertisements or promotions that you may find on our website may be served by other legal entities. Some of these entities use their own cookies to analyze how many people have seen a particular advertisement or how many people have seen it more than once. Companies that create such cookies apply their own Privacy Policy and we have no influence on the creation or storage of such cookies.

Some pages of our Website may display content from external service providers (for example, social networks). In order for visitors to view such third-party content, they must agree to their terms, including their cookie policy. External service providers may use their own anonymous cookies, created so that the programs or applications they use meet your needs. Due to the specific features of how cookies work, our Website does not have access to the information stored by these cookies, and external service providers do not have access to the information collected by the cookies applied by our website.

Full information about the cookies we use is provided below:








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By visiting the Company's website, you can choose whether you want to use cookies. You can control and/or block cookies according to your preference in the cookie consent control.

If you do not agree to cookies being saved on your computer or other device, you can revoke your consent to their use at any time by changing your browser settings and deleting the saved cookies. If you choose to delete cookies, remember that all the options you have set will also be removed. In addition, if cookies are completely blocked, many websites (including the Company's website) will not function properly. For these reasons, we do not recommend disabling cookies when using the Company's website.

You can opt out of Google Analytics without affecting the quality of your visit to our Website. For more information on how to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics on all websites you use, please visit the following Google page:

Our Website also contains links to websites of other individuals, companies or organizations. Please note that the Company is not responsible for the content of such websites or the privacy principles used by them. Therefore, if you click on a link from the Company's website to access other websites, you should read their privacy policies separately.

To learn more about cookies and how to manage or remove them, simply visit and the help page of your browser.


From time to time we update the Cookie Policy on this Website. After the company updates this Policy, the new version will be published on the website, for this reason we recommend that you periodically visit our Website, where you will always find the latest version of this cookie policy. This cookie policy has been created in conjunction with the Cookie Policy Generator from TermsHub.

This cookie policy comes into force and will be applied from the date of its publication on the Website.